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Harrowing Slumber - 'Sleepwalking the Path of Ea' digipak CD & patch

Image of Harrowing Slumber - 'Sleepwalking the Path of Ea' digipak CD & patch


'Eremitic Night Music' from rural South Wiltshire, England...

'For the black hypnagogic fire, the corporeal chaos and beauty of earth and the elements, the rural scape and nocturnal fauna of the Vale & Chase, the secluded night and its astral revealment.
For the inexorable return to soil and air of all through the will of cyclic law.
For modern mankind and its weak monotheist delusions of ascension.
For Ea; symbol of the telluric nexus buried deep within the slumbering European consciousness'
Full-length album, limited to two hundred copies, one hundred with woven patch when ordered here, while stocks last.
Four-panel package.
Released through Ancient Trail Recordings, July 2017.
US residents can also order from New York based Paragon Records:


Despite its limitation, this CD is glass mastered, NOT cd-r and as such the price reflects the high cost of production and ensured playback quality.

Please be sure to select the correct shipping option on this item when checking out:
UK = 1.95p / everywhere else = £4 per single copy.

Thank you for your support.

V/Ancient Trail Recordings, July MMXVII.